How to play Punto Banco

You might ever heard of Punto Banco before, but still don’t really know how to play this exciting card game. Well, we will try to tell you the basics so that you may choose to practice this game for free at online casino sites, or maybe jump right in and play for some real cash. Punto Banco is a card game which won’t be played against other players, but you will play against the bank. Punto Banco is a very old game which started somewhere around the 1400s in Italy, and it’s forerunner is the well-known game Baccarat. There are several rules that originate in a game of Baccarat, so when you’ve ever played that game, you will quickly learn to play Punto Banco as well.

The basics of playing Punto Banco

Your main goal when you are playing a game of Punto Banco is to get as close to 9 points as you possibly can. Your bets will be based on how big the chances are that you will be as close to 9 points as possible. The way you’ll be playing the game won’t affect the game of other players, so it is very much seen as a game with a great sense of solidarity. The cards that are being played with will have their own scoring which will be as follows: the J, Q, K, and 10 will award you 0 points. The A is worth 1 point and the cards 2 to 9 will be worth the number which is on them. When you go over 9 points with the cards that will be dealt, the dozens won’t be counted. So when you get a total of 13 points, that will count for 3 points.

Besides, there are three ways in which you can bet in a game of Punto Banco: Punto will pay you x1 your bet. Banco will pay you x2 your bet, except for when the Banco wins with 5 points, the payout will be 1:2. Egalité which is less common, but the payout will be x8 your bet.

How do I win?

Like we mentioned earlier, you will win when you placed a bet on who will be closest to 9 points, Punto or Banco. The dealer will first ask you to place your bet. When that same dealer asks you to stop placing your bet, you can’t touch anything on the table anymore. The dealer will deal cards one by one in the following order: first open card for the Punto, first open card for the Banco, second open card for the Punto, second open card for the Banco. Depending on the total amount of points of the cards dealt, there might be dealt one other third card for the Punto and/or the Banco, following the Punto Banco Tableau, which is a fixed set of rules. When you placed your bets right, you will win in the way we explained in the paragraph above.

Punto Banco Tips

Like every game that you will be able to play on an online casino site, Punto Banco is also a game that will appear in several different variants. The best thing that you can do when you just started playing Punto Banco, is to look for an online casino where you can try the game for free. This way you can’t lose money while trying to learn how the game works. When you are ready to play for real cash, there are multiple options also such as classic Punto Banco or playing the game in one of the LIVE online casinos that are out there.