How to play Slots

Slot machines are one of the most well-known parts of an online casino, and when you’ve never encountered an online slot before, you can sure remember that fruit machine in your local bar back in the day. On this page we will tell you a little bit more about the basic rules of playing on a slot machine, how the process of the game will be, how you can win yourself some awesome prizes, and something about the Bonus Games that you may find yourself in when playing an online slot machine.

The basic rules of playing on a slot machine

There are no basic rules that will apply to all the different slots, but we can give you an overall idea of how this kind of casino games will work. It comes down to you putting a coin in the machine and give it a spin, which is usually done by clicking on a button. On all the rolls that will appear in the playing field there will be symbols that will land in several different combinations with each spin. The winning combinations will pay out prizes and make your balance go up. Of course, you will also find different Bonus Features that will grant you more than just cash. If you want to know exactly which combinations pays you what, you can look this up in the pay table in the slot itself.

The process of the game

Before you start playing on an online slot, you will have to think about how much you are willing to spend on that particular slot. Some of the online slots will have fixed pay lines, where you can’t choose with how many of them you want to play, others will give you the opportunity to set them up manually. Your bet will count per pay line chosen. When you push the button and the rolls start spinning, you will see various different symbols rolling around. Your goal is to make as much winning combinations as possible.

How do I win?

While playing on an online slot can be really fun even without winning, there will come a time when it is nice to win some prizes. It often contributes to the overall fun and excitement that you will experience when playing an online slot. Like mentioned above, it depends on the slot you’re playing, which combinations will grant you a certain prize. The prizes can be cash, but you cal also win yourself some Free Spins Rounds, where you don’t have to wager.

Bonus Games when playing Slots

Besides the nice prizes you can win by making matching combinations on the winning lines which are chosen in the game, there are also sometimes online slots which will offer you a Bonus Game, where you can only win some more. You’ll often get to the Bonus Game when you’ll manage to land at least 3 Bonus Symbols on the wheels. Sometimes you will get additional features in the Bonus Game, which may be in the form of Multipliers that will multiply your winnings, Free Spins that give you additional chances to land winning combinations, or sometimes you even get a shot at a progressive jackpot when one is available.