Deposit methods

When you are new in the online casino scene, you will notice fairly quickly that there are several different deposit methods that will be available in any of the online casinos that you will encounter. On this page you will find a couple of those deposit methods that you will see frequently. It is important to know how your deposit is being handled, so to make it easy for you, you can read some basic information below. If you want to know more about a certain payment method, we advise you to go to the relevant page, and your questions surely will be answered.


Neteller is an online bank account which is growing more and more when it comes to popularity. This online bank account is well-known for their speed and reliability. Either when you want to make a deposit or want to withdrawal your funds, it will be done in the speed of light. Well, not that fast, but you’ll get the point. Neteller has a good reputation when you look at doing business with players of online casinos and the casinos themselves. If you want to make sure your favorite online casino supports payments via Neteller, then simply check out their payment methods information page and make sure they do.


Skrill is an online bank account, or E-wallet, with which you can make payments at your favorite online casino. Skrill was founded to handle online transactions for players of online casinos in Europe, but because of new laws that are being handled in a couple of states of America, you can also use it in several online casinos that will operate from that area of the world. Besides this shift in casinos which offer Skrill as a payment method, you will mostly encounter this E-wallet in most European centered online casino sites.


PayPal may be one of the most well-known E-wallets out there today. Not only is it being used to handle payments in your favorite online casino, it also is a recognized way to do some shopping on the Internet. PayPal does exist for an extended period of time and it will only meet the demand of their customers when time goes by. So, we don’t have to worry and let PayPal handle out payments in a safe and secure environment. One of the advantages of E-wallets such as PayPal, is that you can make an account and instead of filling in your personal information every time you want to do a payment, you just have to sign in your account and you are good to go. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most famed E-wallets there is.


The Paysafecard is one of the option which you can pay with on the Internet without having to register or having to open a bank account. This card is much like a gift certificate. You can buy a Paysafecard in a couple of different stores, you choose the amount you want it to have on it, you pay for it at the cash register, and you can go home and enjoy your Paysafecard value by using a unique pin code that is linked to the particular Paysafecard that you’ve bought.

SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a deposit method which is regularly used by several different online casino sites, but that is not all, you can also make payments in a range of big online web shops. You will find the roots of SOFORT in Germany, which is one of the countries in Europe where they are very strict when it comes to terms and conditions. A payment method like this has to meet many strict requirements, but that is only a good thing for you as a customer. Because this can only mean that your payments will be handled in a very safe and secure manner. A nice addition is that the companies that use SOFORT Banking as a payment method, will be thoroughly screened before they can use this way of handling deposits.


The payment method that is designed by the Dutch is iDeal, and it is really created for the Dutch market itself. Luckily there are several different online casinos where you can use this payment method to make your deposits and to get payed out. This method that handles your deposits is very designed to be very stable, safe, secure, and fast. That are exactly the reasons why Dutch people love this payment method as they do. There is no payment possible when it can’t be done by iDeal, thus the Dutch. The great thing about iDeal, among other payment methods that are regularly used in the online casino scene, is that when you logged in and filled in your password or code, your payment will be credited immediately.