The payment method that is designed by the Dutch is iDeal, and it is really created for the Dutch market itself. Luckily there are several different online casinos where you can use this payment method to make your deposits and to get payed out. This method that handles your deposits is very designed to be very stable, safe, secure, and fast. That are exactly the reasons why Dutch people love this payment method as they do. There is no payment possible when it can’t be done by iDeal, thus the Dutch. The great thing about iDeal, among other payment methods that are regularly used in the online casino scene, is that when you logged in and filled in your password or code, your payment will be credited immediately.

How to use iDeal?

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, iDeal is a payment method which is developed for citizens of the Netherlands. You don’t have to register for an online bank account, and you neither have to set up an account somewhere on the Internet. You can look at iDeal as a connection between your regular bank and your online casino account. Instead of linking your bank account to another virtual account, like you have to do with PayPal for example, you don’t use a third party in this kind of transactions. You directly transfer an amount from your Dutch bank account into your online casino balance, and you are good to go. When you have a Dutch bank account, you will sure be familiar with the ways the different banks handle such a payment. When you have questions about how to make it work, or when you encounter problems, that is the place to ask your questions.

iDeal and online casinos

It will be obvious that not all online casinos will support iDeal as a deposit method, as it is fully created for the Dutch market. But when it is offered by your favorite casino, there is no question about whether or not you should use it. Just like all the other transactions on the Internet, the transaction that keep you going, in the online casino that is, can’t be handled in an easier manner.

Why would you use iDeal as a payment method?

When you are a citizen of the Netherlands and you are in the possession of a Dutch bank account, the easiest way to get your transactions done, is via iDeal. The reason is that you’re probably already using this payment method in your daily life, and besides that you don’t have to sign up for another account on some other site. There is no third person who handles your payments, you don’t have to fill in additional personal information and when you have a problem, there are several ways to contact your own bank to help you fix it. Thus, the biggest advantage of this deposit method is that you don’t need a third party to make things work for you.

Banking via your mobile device

In this age, where new technology rises every day, we now have multiple ways to make your payments via iDeal with your smartphone or tablet. You could use an app to transfer your money, or you get to fill up your balance in your mobile casino app. There are several great ways, and it is perfect when you are in possession of a Dutch bank account. No more hassle, just deposit and play your favorite online casino game.