The Paysafecard is one of the option which you can pay with on the Internet without having to register or having to open a bank account. This card is much like a gift certificate. You can buy a Paysafecard in a couple of different stores, you choose the amount you want it to have on it, you pay for it at the cash register, and you can go home and enjoy your Paysafecard value by using a unique pin code that is linked to the particular Paysafecard that you’ve bought.

How to use Paysafecard?

Like mentioned in the paragraph above, there is no rocket science in doing your payments with a Paysafecard. You just have to head out to the store, think about the value that you want to get stored on your card, and pay at the register. Paysafecards will be available in several different amounts: 10, 25, 50, or 100 Euros. The moment you want to use your Paysafecard, the only thing you will have to do is to fill in the code, which will consist of 16 numbers, that will be found on the card itself. When you are a regular user of a Paysafecard, you can create an online account in which you can store your Paysafecard and have a clear overview of the different values that you can use. You still don’t have to use a lot of personal information to create such an account, the only thing that you’ll need to create is a user name and a password to log in.

Paysafecard and online casinos

Not only can you pay at several online casino sites with your Paysafecard, but it also can be used by multiple different online stores. There is also the option for doing a payment with the Paysafecard app on your mobile device and scan a QR-code of a product or service and simply pay with the amount that is left on your card, or account for that matter. The thing that you’ll do have to think about beforehand is how you want to handle your payouts and what you are going to do when you filed a withdrawal request. The Paysafecard is only there to help you pay, but is not a way to get paid when you win something big.

Why would you use Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard is a payment method where you don’t have to register or leave personal information, so there no data that has to be stored on an online server. So, you could say that using a Paysafecard with your online transactions is a very safe way to handle them. Besides, you can get a Paysafecard in a local store, which makes it very handy so you don’t even need to get money from your bank account into your Paysafe account, it is just on the card itself. Besides, there will be no interest that you will have to pay, like you have to do when you use a regular Credit Card.

Loyalty Program

The great thing about having yourself a Paysafecard is that they will have a Loyalty Program in store for you. There are several competitions which you can join or games that you can play to earn yourself some additional bonuses on top of your Paysafecard. It is a nice way to say “thank you” to their loyal customers and users of a Paysafecard.