SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a deposit method which is regularly used by several different online casino sites, but that is not all, you can also make payments in a range of big online web shops. You will find the roots of SOFORT in Germany, which is one of the countries in Europe where they are very strict when it comes to terms and conditions. A payment method like this has to meet many strict requirements, but that is only a good thing for you as a customer. Because this can only mean that your payments will be handled in a very safe and secure manner. A nice addition is that the companies that use SOFORT Banking as a payment method, will be thoroughly screened before they can use this way of handling deposits.

How to use SOFORT Banking as a payment method?

When you are ready to use SOFORT Banking as your payment method, the things you’ve got to do are very easy and will be simple to be carried out. First check if the online casino of your choice offers the possibility to make a deposit with SOFORT Banking, and then you can tick that box on the screen. When you’ve chosen SOFORT Banking to handle the payment, you will have to choose your country and you have to log in with the data that is provided to you in the first place, such as your user name and your password.  After you filled that in, you will be asked for a confirmation code. When you filled that in correctly, you will receive a summary of your payment and the payment will be handled immediately.

SOFORT Banking and online casinos

SOFORT Banking is a nice deposit method for online casinos. In the first place because it is easy to use, and secondly it means that when this option is being offered, you can be sure that a certain online casino will be reliable, safe, and secure. So it is not only a nice addition in the list of payment options, but it’s also a nice way to be really, really sure that your gambling will be handled in the way it should. There is only one thing that you should note, when you plan to use SOFORT Banking as a deposit method, and that is that you have to pay a little commission per transaction to use it. But, you’ll get a very safe way to transfer your money in return. When you usually use deposit methods such ash iDeal, but that isn’t possible in your favorite online casino, SOFORT Banking will be a nice  alternative.

Why would you use SOFORT Banking as a payment method?

We mentioned several reasons why SOFORT Banking may just be the one payment option for you. But we’ll gladly summarize this to give you a last bit of information which you can use to base your decision on. SOFORT Banking is a very secure way or handling your deposits at online casino sites. This all is due to the strict regulations that had to be met, while this company finds its roots in the European country Germany. Besides their own reliability, you can be sure that online casinos that offer SOFORT Banking, will be screened in advance and have to meet a set of strict restrictions. So, long story short: SOFORT Banking is definitely a safe and secure way to make your deposit at your favorite online casino.